Why We Care

A search of the Internet will reveal countless philanthropic and non-governmental organisations registered to help a variety of people from all over the world to promote a wide array of philosophies and causes. These vary from issues pertaining to women and children, infants and fetuses, handicaps and gifted, destitute and homeless, military personnel and civilians, individuals and groups. No matter what the cause or the philosophy is, there seem to be circles of virtue and goodness overlapping partly or fully, other similar circles, some circles encompassing the others on the map of human kindness. But every circle, no matter how small, has its own place, identity and purpose in promoting good. JASCAP just wants to be a small circle on that map of human kindness making a positive difference in the lives of a few with the hope that those helped will carry forward the torch of compassion and beneficence to others, so that the world will ultimately shine with thousands of little lamps made out of these positive attributes and the world will, hopefully, be a better place to live.


Mother Teresa once said, “We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love. It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.” Cancer is a disease which does not discriminate on the basis of wealth, gender, age, race, sex or nationality. Many individuals know someone close to them afflicted with cancer one time or the other in their lives. Cancer continues to affect all strata of Western as well as Eastern societies. We believe that we have a responsibility to sustain and enrich the lives, livelihood and education of the poor and not-so-educated people suffering from the dreaded disease of cancer.

We are concerned that cancer incidences continue to rise in India, as well as globally, and soon cancer will overtake heart disease in disease-related mortality.  Under such a probable alarming scenario, we believe, we as a non-governmental and philanthropic organisation have a responsibility towards society to spread the wealth of information pertaining to cancer prevention, its diagnosis and management in simple formats in as many languages as possible. Ultimately, it is the education pertaining to any issue that makes a more significant impact than legislations and fiats on the resolution of that issue.

Non-Governmental organizations like JASCAP can make a meaningful difference in the outcome and life of the not-so-educated masses by helping them understand that cancer, if diagnosed and treated early, is curable. Our goal is to make people understand that with the early diagnosis there are more treatment options available for cancer. With early treatment, lives can be saved or prolonged and the quality of life improved. JASCAP cares about patients afflicted with cancer and is committed to helping people fight cancer.