No organisation can function without funds. JASCAP depends on the generosity of donors and their number is steadily increasing. However, the main force of our action is our volunteers who share the same philosophy as that of JASCAP’s trustees and they want to help those suffering with cancer. We know that not everyone committed to pursuing this goal has the resources of finances, space and training to conduct the activities. At JASCAP, we thus provide a robust platform for our committed volunteers to stand tall and help cancer patients, cancer survivors and their caregivers by relieving their stress and anxiety caused by the disease.

We are fortunate to have a strong volunteer force. We nurture and nourish our volunteers’ persona and qualities to further our goal of helping those afflicted with cancer. Our volunteers range in activities from organisers, counselors, motivational speakers to translators of our books. We closely work with each volunteer and try to utilise her or his attributes and energy to help the underprivileged, poor, needy and excluded people and help relieve the distress they may be under because of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Our volunteers provide information about cancer, its diagnosis, and management to individuals afflicted with cancer as well as their caregivers. They help staff the JASCAP Bookstall situated at the Tata Memorial Hospital located in central Mumbai, India and also help run the JASCAP Cancer Information Centre very near the Tata Memorial Hospital. It is with the constant help of our volunteers, we try to advance health equity by trying to comprehend patients’ needs, making sincere efforts to solve patients’ difficult issues through providing financial assistance, imparting knowledge and counseling to the patients. We take a great pride in the effort our volunteers make to try and help cancer patients and their families resolve the myriad problems they face in dealing with cancer. JASCAP salutes each of our volunteers for her/his significant contributions towards humanity.

If you want to volunteer for JASCAP,  Please click here for the contact information and call us or send us an e-mail expressing your interest.

Following is the list of our volunteers in the alphabetical order of their last name.

Dr. Alisha Desai

Mr. R. Krishnamurthi

Dr. Vivek Patkar

Ms. Nargis oliya

Mr. Umesh Mahajan

Mr. Ulhas Samant

Mrs. Vimal Mohite