JASCAP continuing its noble work of helping patients financially in its 21st year. This year 37 patients were helped. The function was graced by Dr.Rajan Badwe, Director Tata Memorial Centre, along with Dr.SD Banavali - Head Medical Oncology, Dr. Girish Chinnaswamy, Dr. Siddharth Laskar, Dr Kedar Deodhar, Dr. Manju Sengar, Dr. Hari Menon, Dr Bhausaheb, Dr. Snehal, and Dr Jayita Deodhar.
JASCAP acknowledges the guests Nishu Goel, Mr. Chirag, Mr. Nishad Sawant, Ms. Meenakshi, Ms. Aban Sethna and all those associated with us.
Here's wishing the patients a speedy recovery.

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