On the advise of Dr Reena Nair, the Directors Dr. Maman Chandy and Dr.Ramnan, of Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata, had given opportunity to JASCAP to address the issue of JASCAP information booklets to different DMG Heads of the hospital through their academic session.

Visit of Ms. Abigail Howse - Quality and Evaluation Lead at Macmillan Cancer Support. London, United Kingdom to JASCAP on 25th November 2016.
Some cherishable moments........

ADHAR REKHA PRATISHTHAN organized a very meaningful event on Sunday the 02nd of October 2016 by organizing various stakeholders servicing cancer community by way of education &awareness, providing services such as day care, ambulance and other patient specific needs, herbal products to improve immunity, prosthetics etc.

 Mr. Arvind Joshi, a Multiple Myeloma survivor, is the person behind this event, ably supported by Dr. Bhanushali, Dr. Anil Heroor, Surgical Oncologist and others. Ms. Rashmi Joshi, wife of Arvind Joshi, looked after the hospitality of the delegates with absolute efficiency

 JASCAP was invited as educational partners to this event, where some of the delegates not only appreciated the efforts at educating the community about the disease and its management but also bought few copies for themselves.

 KV Ganpathy – CEO of JASCAP addressing the delegates on various psychological issues of Patients and Caregivers

WORLD CML DAY – 22/9 at PREMASHREYA , an Initiative by TATA MEDICAL CENTRE, kolkatta

It was a bright day, ushering hope for both CML patients and their caregivers alike. The function was conceptualized by Max Foundation, and aptly executed by Ms. Viji Venkatesh and her team at Kolkota.

The day unfolded to a soulful rendition of national anthem, followed by a well thought out inaugural address by Dr Chandy – Director, Tata Medical Centre.  In one stroke, he allayed the patients fears by saying that today CML has become a Chronically Managebale condition, like Diabetes.  That spelt a great hope to patients and caregivers who were in the audience

This was followed by a Panel by Ms. Viji of  Max Foundation on the medical and treatment aspects of CML. The Panel consisted of Dr Reena Nair, Dr. Neeraj & Dr. Mayur

Soon after, the survivors, of CML who are called Friends of Max, put up a small but very effective skit, showcasing the feelings of a CML patient.

This was followed by another Panel discussion on Caregives Issues. It was felt appropriate to recognize the challenges faced by the caregivers of CML.  The panel was moderated by KV Ganpathy, JASCAP, and the discussion was handled by Dr Reena Nair, Dr. S.Dutta, Dr Shrikant, and a CML survivor Neel Kankani and his caregiver (wife) Poonam Kankani

The event ended on a very hospitable note for everyone present.

Some cherishable moments……