Cancer Info Center

JASCAP CANCER INFORMATION CENTER near the Tata Memorial Hospital

With the goal of helping cancer patients understand the nuances of cancer, JASCAP has started a Cancer Information Centre on May 6, 2011 very near the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India. At this Cancer Information Centre located in central Mumbai, we conduct a number of activities for the patients mainly from the Tata Memorial Hospital but also for all other cancer patients. The Cancer Information Centre was started to promote education regarding various aspects of cancer and is staffed by our employees and our volunteers who are trained in counseling.

At the Cancer Information Centre, we offer the following services at no cost to the patients, their families and the caregivers:

We provide information about different cancers and their management.
We help people understand why cancers can occur and how to prevent the preventable cancers.
We show videos on cancer prevention and cancer treatments to groups of people.
We conduct workshops for cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families to improve their quality of life.
We provide individual counseling for cancer patients and their families.