About Logo



More than a Logo, it’s  a statement about who we are and what we stand for. It’s everything we are – coming together to  impart education, offer hope & support. This is reflected through the icon, the colours & the fonts.
The icon is formed with silhouettes holding hands – reflecting coming together for a cause.
This is a 5 colour logo with lavender, variations of blue and a combination colour grey. Lavender stands for rebalancing one’s life to remove obstacles and energize. Blue is the colour of hope & gives a pleasant calm feeling. The slogan in stark grey is depicted in a bold font to communicate JASCAP’s strong mission.
This Guide will introduce you to the new JASCAP identity, and explain to you how communication may be executed in accordance with the new identity.
This is the main Jascap Unit and a key element in all communication.
It is therefore critical that we are careful and consistent in how it is presented. Any interface that carries the logo must be given the attention it deserves, regardless of size or importance.
Do not separate / take out any elements from the Logo Unit including the text ‘ fighting cancer – living with it’.
Do not change the ratios of the prefix / suffix to the master brand. The logo has been conceptualized & designed by Insight Instore