JASCAP is a knowledge based Non-Governmental Organisation (N.G.O.) and was started with the goal of helping the common person understand the nuances (numerous aspects like medical tests, treatment options and impacts) of cancer. Cancer is considered to be a natural punishment or death sentence by many in India, but it need not be so. Cancer is curable, if detected and treated early. We are committed to relieving the cancer patients’ and their families’ burden by providing educational, financial, emotional and social assistance.

JASCAP attempts to impart up-to-date and accurate information on cancer and its management to individuals afflicted with cancer, as well as their caregivers, with the intention that cancer awareness will widen the horizons of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, we manage a bookstall, from Tata Memorial Hospital, where the books and factsheets relating to different types cancer and its management, is distributed at a nominal price. The books are available in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam, and in English. JASCAP also provides audio-visual CDs and DVDs to the interested parties. For a complete list of our available resources, please click here

JASCAP also offers financial assistance to cancer patients, to meet costs of their diagnoses and treatments. We closely liaise with the social service department of the Tata Memorial Hospital (T.M.H.) in Mumbai, India to disburse the funds. Apart from the recommendations of the T.M.H.’s Department of Social Services, we also evaluate each patient’s needs and distribute our funds accordingly. A major portion of our treatment related assistance is awarded to paediatric cancer patients.

In addition, JASCAP funds and promotes cancer awareness and cancer prevention related activities. Our ultimate goal is to help prevent the preventable cancers and aid in the diagnoses and treatment of cancers, especially for those who may find it difficult to fund their treatments. We lend a compassionate and helping hand to the cancer patients and their families to relieve the burden of cancer.

With the goal of helping cancer patients understand the intricacies pertaining to the diagnosis of cancer and its management, we have started JASCAP Cancer Information Centre, very near the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India. In this Centre we provide information pertaining to cancer prevention, cancer diagnoses and its treatments to individuals and groups. We also offer counseling to individual patients and their families to help them cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. For more information regarding JASCAP Cancer Information Centre please click here.